PROGRESS / by Terri Loewenthal

steady progress on the handmade house continues. here are some visual updates from the last six months. with the basic structure in place, next come the walls. the first layer is a mixture of harvested clay and hay.

then, time for the big guns... machinery! the outer layer of the walls have finely ground hay in the mix.

what's up, slackers?

aubrey wraps the support beams in string, which gives the bottom layer of clay something to hold on to.

some students from the tassajara zen joinery apprenticeship program lend a helping hand.

watch and learn.

the interior, including the newest addition (the non-structural inner wall), ready to be coated.

a non sequitur worth seeing: the rock wall.

not necessarily in chronological order, i'll conclude with this shot since roof completion is slated for next week.