EVERGLADES / by Terri Loewenthal

if you want an earful, ask me about florida's best kept secret – the everglades. countless miles of winding water-paths through mazes of mangroves, only doable in a canoe while following the national park's numbered trails. there's nowhere to stand, or sleep for that matter, save the dock-campsites but what a sweet reward after a day of surreal adventure through such otherworldliness. the brackish water reads as pitch-black and acts as a perfect mirror to the horizon and the sky. it's a visual feast, so much so, that i've considered creating a website that explains, in detail, exactly how to take this trip. until then, i invite you to take a virtual vacation via my everglades story on tiny atlas.

we encountered many fantastic sea creatures on our journey, but this dolphin was the highlight. when we blasted our portable speaker, he came racing over to investigate, or he likes janet as much as we do?