HOME STRETCH / by Terri Loewenthal

things are really shaping up with the japanese house. it's been a while since i've shared any progress so you'll see our attire shift from season to season in this update.  


completing the tin shingled roof before winter


and then it was spring


time to finish the clay walls with an outer layer that includes sand


meantime, the wood burning oven gets the finishing touch


we thank colter and ann for the animals


and we celebrate the finished oven


plenty of celebration to be had. marshall even caught me in the act


lest we forget where we are


next, the windows


appreciating the view


and the reflection


and the details


finally, installing the bookmatched floor boards and securing them from beneath in order to conceal the screws – not a job for the builder with hips



in summary, this is where we currently stand. so close...