the official website for the chetwood is up, featuring portraits by yours truly of past residents. looking forward to expanding this circle of incredible people. hit us up!

here's a bit from the site about what we do, with links to even more portraits:

The Chetwood is an artist-run Oakland, California-based residency established in 2012. We offer subsidized housing to artists visiting the Bay Area in order to create a specific exhibition or project in conjunction with a local institution, non-profit organization or artist-run space.

Our motivation for creating The Chetwood is to enrich our community through the presence of new ideas. We host creators whom we admire. The actualization of this residency has truly been a community effort, with crucial contributions from our home team

POSSIBILIANS by Terri Loewenthal

one of the ways i've chosen to engage with the possible is via a portrait project of folks involved. since the exhibition is very much about process, i'm using the camera i enjoy using the most – my rollei – and showing contact sheets. i've steadily added to my collection over the course of the show.

there are two weeks left to check out the book, which lives on-site at the berkeley art museum, in the remarkable possible library.

i'd like to take this moment to thank light waves for their ongoing support of this project.

THE SWAP by Terri Loewenthal

William Eggleston by Maude Clay

William Eggleston by Maude Clay

i think about portraits a lot. it’s a special thing when one catches my eye, and i’ve always been drawn to this one of william eggleston, camera in hand, by maude clay. it’s no secret that people tend to shine when doing their thing, but i know that taking a portrait of a photographer isn’t the easiest feat regardless. my obsession with this image prompted me to daydream about what a glorious challenge such a project would be: portraits of photographers. turns out that stuart plinkington, a curator in london, beat me to the punch with his next-level version that involves photographers from all over the world. he calls it “the swap.”

when stuart contacted me about participating in the swap, maude’s portrait of william immediately came to mind. i suggested that maude and i be a pairing. i figured it was a long shot, but as luck would have it, stuart had just been corresponding with maude that very same day, and she had agreed to participate.

when i researched maude, i was amazed to see that she lives in a small town in mississippi, just minutes from the spot where my mother lived for the last 15 years. my mother recently relocated to california, so knowing that i wouldn’t be visiting mississippi anytime soon, i wrote to maude with some words of praise and a brief tale of our almost-connection.

this is where it gets really good. maude responded that she was planning to visit the bay area the following week, and we made a date to meet in the redwoods. cheers to a serendipitous encounter, maude’s portrait of william, stuart’s project, and a little perseverance. here’s my maude and here’s her me.

Maude Clay by Terri Loewenthal

Maude Clay by Terri Loewenthal

LAND AND SEA by Terri Loewenthal

this is land and sea

they invited shock to perform this evening at berkeley art museum as a part of the ongoing L@TE series. a children's choir will join us and we'll be standing inside of an intergalactic installation created by kenny. it will look a lot like this, a set he just built for a short film that takes place inside of a space ship. lights and visuals by colleen and luke. think prisms and shadows. i'm really excited. i hope to see you, floating on the moon.

update: coverage on NME.