THE GHOST IN THE ROOM by Terri Loewenthal

some images made during my residency time in noyers-sur-serein, france last summer, the medieval village where duran duran's new moon on monday was filmed.

i was charmed by this village, and one barn in particular that was still filled with hay from centuries ago. the only available light streamed in from a window in the ceiling, illuminating the stone wall and highlighting the incredible character of the handmade structure. having worked on a handmade house myself, i had such respect for all of the people who worked to create this beautiful space, and all of the people who had used it over the years. so much productivity, so much action. i paid homage to the ghosts in the barn by working with two new friends i met in the village to create mysteriously active human forms. the work was shot in one barn and shown in another via projection, so the stone wall-backed imagery glowed on top of the dark stone wall in the exhibition space.


the official website for the chetwood is up, featuring portraits by yours truly of past residents. looking forward to expanding this circle of incredible people. hit us up!

here's a bit from the site about what we do, with links to even more portraits:

The Chetwood is an artist-run Oakland, California-based residency established in 2012. We offer subsidized housing to artists visiting the Bay Area in order to create a specific exhibition or project in conjunction with a local institution, non-profit organization or artist-run space.

Our motivation for creating The Chetwood is to enrich our community through the presence of new ideas. We host creators whom we admire. The actualization of this residency has truly been a community effort, with crucial contributions from our home team