CLIP LOVE by Terri Loewenthal

in france, videos are called clips. such a good name! i'm feeling the love today with so many french blogs blowing kisses to the "into the night" clip - maisonhate, bigger than life, buzzmoica, and the art chemists - perhaps because the antonionian record just came out on discograph over there?

but then...  double whammy... today i finally held the vinyl version of snowblink's record, replete with imagery from the clip i made for "ambergris."

INTO THE NIGHT by Terri Loewenthal

it is with great pride that i share my music video for "into the night" from antonionian's debut album, along with this glowing review from SF Weekly. the entire record from this anticon artist is stellar, and this is my favorite track.

special thanks to the village: larry rinder for house and home, lina makdisi for owning it, brandon kuchta for post-production saving it, james rowland shop for styling/make-up direction, jamie dutcher for bubble mastering, rikki buchanan for endless support, jessica harrison for the fog machine, jason libsch for making everything i ever do possible and infinitely better, and felix libsch for having perfect timing with those light switches.