THIS IS PUBLIC ART by Terri Loewenthal

i was pumped to see my photo of david wilson's memorial fort included in this article about san francisco public art ... such a pleasure to be mentioned in the same breath as southern exposure. this is the same fort featured in the snowblink/ambergris video, but what you can't see here is daniela's voice streaming from the dangling tape player.

on one hand, art is all around you, if you'd only look. on the other, it can't hurt to go out of your way to find it sometimes. maybe this is a good time to mention the we song project david did in albuquerque (employing that tape player again!) ... another worth-while david-induced journey. take a closer look at some friendly faces, yours truly included.

CLIP LOVE by Terri Loewenthal

in france, videos are called clips. such a good name! i'm feeling the love today with so many french blogs blowing kisses to the "into the night" clip - maisonhate, bigger than life, buzzmoica, and the art chemists - perhaps because the antonionian record just came out on discograph over there?

but then...  double whammy... today i finally held the vinyl version of snowblink's record, replete with imagery from the clip i made for "ambergris."